Tradition And Styles For Poila Baisakh With gintaa

Poila Baishak is not just the start of a new year according to the bengali calendar but it is an emotion for bengalis. The mood or ‘amej’ as bengalis like to call it sets in with ‘Chaitra’ the last month of the year as per bengali calendar.

Visit any Bengali household and you will see them getting ready to welcome the new year with pomp and show. But the real excitement is about shopping. Well, is it possible to welcome the new year without new clothes? And wearing new clothes during Poila Baisakh is also a symbol of abundance.

So, if you are thinking of what to wear this Poila Baisakh, go for style that shows your personality and shop with gintaa to get outfits at the best price.

Here are some styles for Poila Baisakh that never gets old:

Women’s Styles For Poila Baisakh

Kurta Set

When you are thinking about styles for Poila Baisakh you can never go wrong with kurta sets. You might ask why kurtas? When you have a day filled with various activities, functionality becomes very essential. But missing out on style would not be ideal for this festive season. Kurta sets would give you that freedom to run around without compromising on style at the same time.

You can go for vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red and dress it up with some handmade traditional jewelry to keep you traditional and stylish at the same time.


You can never go wrong with sarees whatever might be the occasion. And when you are looking at styles for Poila Baisakh well sarees are automatically the first choice. But with the temperature rising it might be difficult to wear sarees. And for that you can easily ditch silks and tussars this year and go with light but vibrant handlooms or linen. With Organza sarees making a major comeback you can also go for them.

You can style your saree with oxidized jewelry or handmade jewelry and flaunt your summer style this Poila Baisakh. Not just wearing ethnic, but if you want to have some amazing cuisines at your home, then you can easily order online from gintaa.

Fusion Dress

Are you planning to skip the traditional feels altogether? So, while searching styles for Poila Baisakh you can go for something casual. You can go for fusion flowy dresses. The fit for these dresses are very flattering and are for all body types. They look stylish and trendy with a touch of tradition in the mix.

You can pair the outfit with mojri and boho silver jewelry. This look would be perfect for those who want to dress up for the Poila Baisakh celebration at the office but have to commute long distances and are scared to spoil their look even before reaching office.

Ethnic Long Skirt & Top

While planning styles for Poila Baisakh, you can try dressing Indo-Western with an ethnic long skirt and top combination. You would look elegant in this outfit, which is simple as well as comfortable in this hot weather. Choose a long skirt with vibrant ‘Kantha stitch’ embroidery and match it with a simple white shirt.

Pair it up with a hand-painted clay necklace and earrings with ‘Patachitra’ design to finish off your ensemble.

Palazzo with short kurta

A palazzo is one of the best summertime wardrobe choices since it’s breezy, airy, and breathable. It keeps you cool and cozy. Additionally, it also elongates the look of your lower body, giving the illusion that you are taller. While opting palazzo as a part of styles for Poila Baisakh, you can pair it with a short cotton kurta. 

Put on some traditional gold earrings, take a classic sling bag, and put on kolhapuri chappals and you are all set to rock this Poila Baisakh in style.

Gentleman’s Styles For Poila Baisakh

Embroidered Kurta & Dhoti

This is the first combo that comes to mind when we think of Poila Baisakh and Bengali men. We have a preconceived notion that ‘Bengali Babus’ are meant to dress this way. But this year while planning styles for Poila Baisakh all the men out there can easily opt for this.

Pair a cotton embroidered kurta with colored dhoti. This look is not only traditional but also very stylish. And trust us you will get some of the best pictures to flaunt on SNS too.

Nehru Coat With Kurta

If you are looking for something stylish, chic yet traditional, styles for Poila Baisakh then a nehru coat with kurta will make the perfect combo.

You can opt for a floral motif nehru coat paired with a solid colored kurta. This is a classical combo that will give you a stylish look as well as make you stand out in any Poila Baisakh party that you would attend. Keeping the weather in mind go for cotton kurta so that you are comfortable as well.

Embellished Sherwani

If you have a big Poila Baisakh party on your to do list then going all out is a must. You need to dress for the occasion as well as make a statement which is only possible if you choose your styles for Poila Baisakh smartly.

You can go with an embellished smart sherwani. The sequined bundi jacket will give you a regal look. You will look like a million bucks at the party. You can pair this sherwani with straight pants. This will make it a winning glam party outfit.

Let’s Wrap Up

Poila Baisakh is all about new beginnings so starting it with a new style and wardrobe is the best way to celebrate. Give your style a revamp this Poila Baisakh and dress not just to impress or follow trends but also to be comfortable in whatever you wear. Yes, tradition with style can never go out of trend.

Be it a traditional and stylish wardrobe for women or men, we have listed something for all. You even have glam choices that will make you the star of the party. But while dressing, keep in mind the weather as dressing glam does not mean you have to be uncomfortable because of the rising temperature.