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gintaa food x Petpooja: Top 5 POS Features You Should Know

Cheers to gintaa food! It’s news for all the Restaurant owners. Now, gintaa food has integrated with Petpooja. You read that right! From now on, restaurants can access their businesses in a much better way. 

We love new things, especially when it makes the process easier for everyone. And, Petpooja is one such crown for the restaurant industry. This has integrated the process of ordering, dining and billing like never before. Now, the question is why would a restaurant opt for it and how is gintaa food a part of Petpooja now?

Wait a second! We’re here to solve all  your questions we’re here to explain in detail about what Petpooja is and how it is a thing for Restaurant owners. 

What is Petpooja?

First of all, there is no doubt an explanation required that Petpooja is a software. It is a Restaurant Management Software also known as ‘RMS’ When it comes to a restaurant business, there is a lot more than cooking and serving. 

In fact, there are few things which need to be taken into consideration. This includes organizing your Food Menu, Cuisines and many other details. Petpooja is one such tool which helps with the restaurant inventory. 

Petpooja is one the best restaurant POS software to manage your restaurant billing, KOTs, inventory, online order, menu, and customers. This is what they do and gintaa food is now live with Petpooja! Here, we’ve enlisted Top 5 POS Features that you have to know. 

  • Do not have to use Multiple Food Apps

A restaurant usually uses multiple food apps to fetch out a higher number of orders. But with Petpooja, you don’t have to struggle between a plethora of apps! Instead it’s an easy piece of cake! 

Much as a know about the food business, by introducing Petpooja with gintaa food we actually enable restaurant owners to have full use of their time. In fact, you won’t need to use separate food apps any longer. So how does it actually work out for everyone? Well, it provides a centralized platform to manage all your orders under a single roof and that’s an easy piece of cake if you’re like me! 

  • Automated Menu with Add-ons and Variants

When you’re a new restaurant, just registering with gintaa food, it becomes quite a thing when you already have to worry about putting in all the teeny-tiny pieces of information in to the system. 

Such is the case for menu, add-on and variants too. But that is the perks of working alongside Petpooja! It basically simplifies menu management by offering automated menu updates, add-ons, and variants. This ensures that your menu is always up-to-date and reflects any changes instantly.

Just think about the perks of having such a smooth and innovative system with you Here, you hardly have to worry about installing the entire menu for the second time. Once, you have registered with Petpooja, gintaa food directly fetches all your details from  there. 

  • Prices and Discount Calculations 

This is already known to most restaurants! Petpooja takes the entire billing system in a much more precise and functional process. Here, the restaurant owners don’t have to run behind the pressure of guesswork out of pricing and discounting.

Petpooja offers built-in tools to help you calculate prices and discounts accurately, ensuring that your customers are always charged correctly. Now onwards, all your calculations are previously done with the effective and efficient system of the petpooja POS system. 

  • Faster Order Confirmation and Update

If you didn’t know it yet, it’s time to learn something new! Basically with gintaa food, the process was quite simple. The restaurant would receive an order and they would be notified on the admin panel. There, the restaurants had to update the order process and that was all! 

But now with Petpooja the process has been further exhilarated. Basically with Petpooja, the order confirmation process has been transformed! Now, the entire process is shifted on to the Petpooja RMS panel, allowing you to confirm orders quickly and efficiently. This helps reduce waiting times for your customers and improves overall satisfaction.

Instead of spending more time on checking different devices for order confirmation, details and delivery. The user only has to see through the Petpooja panel, to get in depth details of all the functions and modifications. 

  •  Auto-Alerts and Faster Invoice Management 

As a restaurant owner, it becomes quite a process to cheek on different apps for orders. But when you’re using Petpooja, it would be all under one roof. Now, you can even update your stock details for alerts. 

Basically it helps you manage your inventory more effectively by providing stock alerts and auto-acceptance of orders. The auto-accepting of orders can be stopped too! It is entirely dependent on the user’s end. If they feel like keeping it into their system. This ensures that you never run out of stock and can fulfill orders at your time and convenience.

This is certainly the case for every restaurant! They mostly suffer with two essential things! And, it starts with the billing and payout system. But with gintaa food and Petpooja, you no longer have to worry about credit payout or invoicing. 

Petpooja simplifies invoice management by offering a faster and more efficient way to generate invoices. It is a thorough way of calculating tax discounts and order deductions from the bill.  This helps you keep track of your finances and ensures timely payments from your customers. 

Petpooja: Making Things Easier! 

Actually, Petpooja is not just any random Restaurant Management Software. The above mentioned POS features are quite essential for running a food business in this day and age. In fact, you would have to wonder about many other things which are exhausting to a point. 

But when you have a help like Petpooja along with gintaa food, the entire process becomes simpler than you think. So, why worry any further? It’s time to make your business one of the best ones! 

Start your business with gintaa food and Petpooja today!