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Poila Baisakh and Authentic Bengali Cuisine: Match Made In Heaven

Is your soul singing ‘Eso He Boisakh, Eso Eso..’ already? Yes, it’s the time to greet everyone, Subho Noboborsho.  Bengali New Year or Poila Baisakh is almost in town! And, that definitely calls for the best food which reminds you of your deep rooted Bangaliana

Remember those childhood days, when you used to sleep early a day before, because you wanted to wake up early in the morning? Just to start the year all fresh and new. Those delectable breakfast delicacies made by your mother, and those plates of sweets served to all those guests who visited the house on Poila Baisakh. 

Didn’t your inner self shout at you to take a bite from the guest’s plate? Don’t feel guilty! We were all there once, and now that you’ve grown up it’s your time to make the Poila Baisakh day your way. 

Guess what? Here, with gintaa food all those troubles are sorted. Starting with what to eat to exactly what to order. On gintaa food you can find the most exclusive delicacies for Poila Baisakh festivities. 

  • All time Favorite Luchi and Aloo Dum for Breakfast

Irrespective of what you’re eating there has to be a perfect Poila Baisakh breakfast! There are many things for the first part of the day. Especially if you’re starting your day with the most essential aspects of Bangaliana. 

Luchi is an emotion for bengali breakfast! This is nothing but your good old puris which are fried breads, finished with some delicious and scrumptious aloor dum or cholar daal. No matter where you go, this is always a patent bengali breakfast for Poila Baisakh. 

  • Bhetki Fish Fry with Kasundi for Starters

Your Bangaliana Poila Baisakh is incomplete without the right starter in hand! As you know already, Bengalis are too fond of their fish recipes. Thus, we have this delectable bengali version of our all time favorite fish and chips! 

Here, instead of having it with mayonnaise we plate our bhetki fish fries with a mustard paste called kasundi. It brings a very strong essence of mustard along with the blend of fresh bhetki filet, fried with bread crumbs coated all over it. You have to give it a shot for this year’s Poila Baisakh. 

  • Chicken Kabiraji with Salad for Poila Baisakh

Not so fond of Fish? Well, we have got your covered! There’s a different variety of your favorite version of fish and chips. There you have chicken cutlet and there’s your favorite chicken kabiraji! 

Here, you should have these amazing starters with tomato ketchup as it brings out a lot of tangy essence to the dish. You must have it as a special starter! But pro tip, there is a problem with having kabiraji. No one can complete their kabiraji alone! They have to take a second helper. 

  • Basanti Pulao with Kasha Mangsho is a Must

There are a few things you need to know about Bong food! But Basanti Pulao is incomplete without Kasha Mangsho. This Pulao is a blend of delectable spices with a saffron and dry fruits. And, the best part about it has to be the unique and sweet taste of basanti pulao!

The sweet taste is adjusted further with the spicy taste of kosha mangsho. The dish is prepared with a lot of spices and dry chillies. Topped with fried onions called ‘barista’ and the dish is perfectly amazing  for the table on Poila Baisakh. 

  • Chicken Dak Bungalow with Egg on Top

Chicken is best prepared for Poila Baisakh! You bong homes are filled with the flavorsome aroma of hot species and onions. If you’re finding something different yet delicious for Poila Baisakh then Chicken Dak Bungalow is one of the best things ever. 

The delicious hot gravy of dak bungalow is spiced and garnished with chopped coriander and a boiled egg. Both things add further into the light and delicious gravy of love! You must have this with Rumali rotis and steamed Basanti rice. Want something light yet delicious for Poila Baisakh? Then this is just the thing to order. 

  • Dab Chingri for your Lunch Delights

There you have the Bengali lunch delicacy of all time! A bong lunch table is absolutely incomplete without the big bowl of Daab Chigri especially during festivals. To make matters even more delectable, you need a plate of basanti pulao or even basic steamed rice along the side. 

This is one of the best parts about Poila Baisakh. Although eating this isn’t as easy as it sounds like! In fact, cooking Daab chingri is difficult and expensive too. This is exactly why you have to have fresh quality lobster prawns for the dish. Worry not! You can find the best tasting Daab Chingri from Bhojohori Manna, order from gintaa

  • Sweet and Sour Aamer Chutney with Papad

It’s summer and that calls for your favorite mangoes! Which means putting mango in almost everything you eat. That is certainly the case for making a delectable aamer chutney which is a sweet and sour combination for a palate cleanser. 

Trust me, if you’re trying to taste something unique and blissful it has to be this amazing dish without a doubt. All you really have to do is, order from gintaa food. This is a must-have chutney on the occasion of Poila Baisakh. Besides, this is best eaten with papad at the end of the meal. 

  • Payesh and Rosogolla as Dessert

There is hardly anything better than diving into your favorite delicacies for Poila Baisakh! And, a Bengali occasion is absolutely incomplete without the right kind of dessert at the top of the table. That’s exactly why you have to have Payesh along with Rosogolla by the end of the meal. 

The dessert puts everything at the right place. Starting with the correct flavors of joy to the most delectable flavors of love! One has to put the right dessert at a Bengali Poila Baisakh table. And, that is a necessity not just a want.Confused what to eat? Why don’t you take a walk around the city of joy for the love of good food! Here, to the finest eateries in Kolkata for Poila Baisakh. 

Order your Favorites on Poila Baisakh 

If you’re planning on something special, then you can totally make it your own way. But that is not a compulsion. Even if you have a dozen guests, one can still order from gintaa food and make the day special. 

It reminds you of the most beautiful memories of childhood and how special you are! Celebrating Poila Baisakh hasn’t ever been more special with those intricate details of every family dinner. 

A bong family never misses their chance to celebrate together with food. And, gintaa food is exactly what you would be needing for those exclusive celebrations out there. So, make this Poila Baisakh the best one!

Subho Noboborsho from gintaa!