Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men

Top 9 Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men

Hey there, Chokhro! It’s time to grab those Dandiya sticks and go ‘E Halo’! It’s Navratri! I know you are under the impression that you “will wear anything”, but girls are all set to slay this Navratri. Better get prepared than regret.

So let’s set your wardrobe right. Yes! Wear the best Navratri outfits this time and do the charm. Of course, you need one. Navratri means nights filled with zeal and passion, inviting dancing movements, a liberated spirit of joy, and, of course, snazzy outfits. Okay, that said, outfits for Navratri mean clothes that you feel comfortable moving around in. But it has to be vibrant, colorful, and flowy.

It’s time to style the Nine Nights with the Best of Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men! Why should girls have all the fun with fashion? Feels so Right? 😉

Day 1: Harem Pants and Gujrati Shirt Kurta for Men

Harem Pants and Gujrati Shirt Kurta for Men
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Harem pants are paired with kurtas during the Dandiya nights. The Gujrati shirt kurta is short, embroidered with applique patterns, and in an Angraksha style. These look best with flared bottom wear.

As Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men, enhance your whole look by adding Pagdi. Now, Pagdi is a beautiful headturban that is made out of a rolled scarf and dupattas. Ideally, Leheriya and Bandhani’s clothes are perfect for Navratri Pagdis. There are three types of Pagdi: Pencha, Sela, and Safa.

Day 2: Kediya and Dhoti or Kafni Pajama

It’s Navratri; try out Kediya with Kafni Pajamas! Don’t know what a Kediya is? It is a gorgeous long-sleeved jacket worn over a vest that is pretty loose and flowy. Ideally worn with cotton dhotis made of hand-weaven cotton.

But as Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men, you should pair your Kediya with a Kafni. So, a Kafni is an adorned pajama that is embroidered with the best mirrorwork and colorful thread appliques. This is just the right Navratri traditional dress for man.

Day 3: Dhoti Pants and Mandarin Collar Kurtas

Dhoti Pants and Mandarin Collar Kurtas
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Here, we have colorful dhoti pants with the best Kurta shirt for Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men. Well, these shirts are a little different from the usual styles. The collar of the shirt is known as the Mandarin collar, and the bottom cut of this shirt is referred to as the Chinese frill. They are often decorated with intricate printed lace.

You are going to slay the look! Just wear it with the best accessory, which is your SMILE! Dhoti pants are comfortable, flowy, and somewhat flared. The shape is somewhat like Jogger trousers, with girdle attachments. To match the vibrant vibe of Navratri, buy dhoti pants with borders of multicolored, patterned Jaipuri lace.

Day 4: Bandhgala Kurta as Navratri Traditional Dress for man

Navratri outfit ideas for men
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This is quite popular for party ethnic wear! The kurta is buttoned up to the neckline and made in Silk, Velvet, Linen, Cotton, and other similar fabrics. Bandhgala is another name for Jodhpur Kurta Pajama, and it is one of the most preferred attires for Navratri Traditional Dress for Man. KIM, choose natural fabrics that provide sufficient mobility and do not make you sweat throughout the dance rather than a heavy look.

Just wear it with the right pajama shade. I’m mentioning this specifically for the contrasting shade choices. If you’re wearing a darker kurta, go for a lighter-colored pajama along with it, and vice versa.

Day 5: Mirrorwork Kurta with Denim Jeans

Mirrorwork Kurta with Denim Jeans for men
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It’s Navratri. You see everything glittering and shining. You need to reflect that too! Then why not make a mirrorwork kurta for your OOTD? You need to go all bright and colorful for the festivals. Go for rich, solid colors and opulent fabrics, or multicolored fancy mirrorwork kurtas for men. Usually embellished with sequin patterns and mirrorwork embroidery, it always works!

Pair it with well-fitted denim jeans, and do not wear black jeans! Black is a big no! To let the dark color kurta glimmering with mirror come out really well, you surely need to pair it with something light at the bottom. Especially for Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men, comfortable denim jeans look pretty awesome with solid kurtas. That’s a killer look!

Day 6: Bohemian Kurtas with Traditional Dhoti

A Bohemian Kurta is a great option for the Sixth day of Navratri! Mostly, men wear short kurtas with denim jeans and chinos. But such colorful kurtas with Banjara threadwork embroidery have a special vibe. These kurtas pair best with cotton Dhotis in the Panchakacham style.

But it’s Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men, you need to do a little extra! Pair these stylish kurtas with the best cotton or silk dhoti. You have to pin it the right way, or else the dhoti might fall off mid-performance! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Day 7: Indo-Western Kurta with Nehru Jacket

Contemporary look with a desi tadka! A stylish short kurta with denim jeans looks stunning on every man. How about accentuating it with a block-printed Nehru jacket? Such a Navratri traditional dress for man is quintessential and a little eccentric.

Although this is a simple style, such a put-together look works for almost all occasions. Choose a kurta in a solid color or with subtle prints, and pair it with a contrasting or complementary Nehru jacket. Try on some prints, thread work, or bold patterns on the jacket. Trust me! This combo conveys sophistication with exaggeration. Be it your home puja for Navami or even the Daniya Nights, you should wear your metal dialer watch along with this look.

Day 8: Pathani Suit for Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men

Pathani Suit for Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men
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Boy, it’s Day 9! It is almost time to wrap up, but you need that show-topping look. Guess what? A Pathani suit is the one thing left out in this extravaganza. Naaice!! 🙂 This is a solid-colored suit that has patiala pajama trousers and a kurta with buttoned-up sleeves. You might have noticed SRK wearing one in Raees!

Made with linen and cotton fabrics, this traditional Navratri outfit idea is pretty comfortable for dandiya nights. This two-piece attire is often composed of a knee-length kurta and loosely tailored pants. Choose a Pathani suit in vibrant shades like navy blue, maroon, or royal purple, and complement it with a golden dupatta. And your priya would be out of words! Just kidding!

Day 9: Sequin Kurta and Pajama for Men

Day 9 is the final call to bring out the charm. It’s time to be sparkly, and there’s nothing better than sequins! Like mirrorwork, sequins work well on men’s kurtas too. Mostly, these kurtas are worn in pastel shades. But for the nighttime shine, you should try out darker colors. But wear the color you feel like your skin and vibe. A Timeless Choice for Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men!

Such Navratri outfit ideas are glamorous, and they work best with almost all types of bottomwear. Pair this kurta with a matching pajama set. Do you want to go a little extra? Well, how about rolling up your sleeves and showing off a fine watch? Also, wear traditional footwear like Mojaris or Kolhapuris for a complete and polished appearance.

Well, that’s not all, you guys! nightnight There are countless other options when it comes to your fashion comfort zone. But it’s Navratri! Don’t just go to the dance floor wearing that T-shirt and clogs! It’s time to shine brighter than the night sky.

These Navratri Outfit Ideas for Men were solely about the various options that you have for the night. Although you can choose from other Indo-Western outfits too, Just make her Aww-struck with your dashing Sanskari boy look!

If anything else, she is counting on you to match up with her spirits during this Navratri; don’t ignore. Wear matching outfits with your partner! If there are no similar patterns, at least try to match the colors. Girls have a look at the Top 9 Fashion Outfits for Navratri! The best of Women’s fashion for the festive season.

So, what are you waiting for? Wear the best Navratri outfit ideas for men and dazzle like a knight in shining armor!

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