7 Key Reasons to choose gintaa for Online Shopping!
All About gintaa

Unlocking 7 Key Reasons to Pick gintaa for Online Shopping!

Years of extensive research have led to the creation of gintaa, an e-commerce website that is tailor-made to cater to the needs of people all over India. gintaa is the very first online platform that promotes transactions between individuals in three different ways. You can choose to buy, sell, or even exchange products with interested buyers all from the comfort of your home.
Keep reading to know more about the benefits of choosing gintaa for online shopping.

gintaa: The one-stop online shopping destination that has it all!

gintaa brings an innovative approach that revolutionizes the way you look at online shopping. Here are 7 reasons why gintaa is irreplaceable for online shopping.

Negotiate with ease 

There is nothing more satisfying to Indians than a good bargain. gintaa brings a unique system where you can directly negotiate prices with buyers and sellers. In case you are buying, you can choose to either accept an offer listed by a seller, or you can choose to revise it. During the offer revision, you have the freedom to quote a price that is suitable for you.
Likewise, if you are a seller, you get to negotiate with a willing buyer after listing your product. All of this takes place in the form of online negotiation. Keeping the comfort level of all in mind, gintaa has both chatting and calling services so your negotiation can go down with ease. The offer closes once the seller receives the payment. Or, the buyer receives the product on the other end.

Free gintaa coins

gintaa lets you go cashless with gintaa coins. From signing up to listing products, you will receive gintaa coins for many different tasks. The best part is that you can use these coins in transactions which take place on the gintaa platform. You can even buy something with just gintaa coins if you have enough saved in your wallet. If we were to explain it to you, think of it as getting a discount coupon for various different tasks like recommending to a friend or completing a successful transaction. The gintaa coins donot expire. gintaa also requires you to log in to your account with an OTP each time. So your coins are safe and secure in the wallet. Each coin is equivalent to one Indian rupee. So collect these coins and buy more, or give the coins to your loved ones as a gift card.

No hidden charges

gintaa believes in making the user experience as hassle-free as possible. The transactions on gintaa have the same principle in mind. gintaa wants to help sellers with a platform to showcase their products. Once the online negotiation is complete, the sellers receive the payment and they get to keep 100% of the profit for themselves. gintaa has 0% commission charges. Hence, you can focus on growing your business more without worrying about hefty hidden charges.

Connect across PAN India

If you are a small business that wishes to expand, gintaa is here to answer all your prayers. You can step out of the pond and be a part of the greater ocean with gintaa. gintaa connects you to buyers and sellers all over India, and that too sitting right at home. You can reach out to more customers without bearing the overhead cost of new locations, or the trouble of digital marketing. You have to list the product and we will take care of the rest. If that was not enough already, gintaa charges no commission fee for connecting sellers with buyers.

gintaa primarily tries to connect Indian buyers and sellers which gives the buyers many more options to choose from. From Rajasthan to Kerala, the unique products of India are all at your fingertips.

Sustainable India

gintaa allows users complete freedom to choose their mode of transaction. You can use cash, gintaa coins, or exchange. The policy of exchanging helps in maintaining a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Individuals can negotiate an offer with their desired products. The offer closes only when both parties receive their desired items.
This system takes inspiration from the old tradition of the barter system. Plus, it promotes sustainability by urging people to reuse their products and reduce their carbon footprint. Not only businesses but gintaa allows any individual to exchange or sell their unused product for a good deal. You might even find your next most treasured keep on this platform for a bargain.

Extensive range with attractive offers

At gintaa, we strive to provide the best user experience to the buyers and sellers alike. gintaa boasts a wide variety of items to choose from. From food delivery to apparel to the latest gadgets, gintaa is your one-stop destination for all your needs. Not only that,
gintaa offers competitive prices and various rewards for your purchases. Exchanging gintaa coins for gift cards from brands like Swiggy, Tanishq, etc is part of such rewards.


The gintaa platform has the priorities of the user in mind. To list a product, all you need to do is, click a picture and upload it. gintaa will notify you whenever anybody shows interest in your product. It also allows people to make multiple profiles which helps you to keep your buyer and seller profiles separate. To top it off, gintaa allows users to list their products on the platform before completing their profile. This lets you reach out to prospective buyers while you get acquainted with the platform at your own pace.


gintaa wants to make online shopping accessible to speakers of different languages all over India. That is why, gintaa is on a mission to add more languages with time. We already have Hindi and Bengali, in addition to English. gintaa aims to create a mutually beneficial relationship. gintaa empowers sellers to take their business to a wider audience without any hidden costs. Buyers on the other hand can be happy with the products they receive at their negotiated price. Do not miss out on any new steal deals. Go to the gintaa platform now and start shopping from home.