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International Yoga Day: Top 5 Food To Eat After Yoga Session

Are you a health freak? Well, that’s how you have landed on this International Yoga Day food marathon! There is no easy way of letting go of your favorites especially when Food is your love. How can you miss out on something so special? That’s why, it is best to know what you can eat even as a fitness freak. 

Besides falling in love with food, it is ideal to have an open eye towards on your own physical mental, and health. That’s exactly why Yoga is such an essential part of your life. It is not just required for keeping a healthy body but also it helps with proper mental health. 

If you’re into yoga, then we wouldn’t have to mention it. The only thing you have to know is, that being healthy is not the same as cutting down on good food. In fact, to get you out of the food dilemma, we have coined some of the best International Yoga Day delights after your active sessions. 

Oats Omelette with Sauteed Veggies

If you’re one of those who loves to be on a vigorous diet, then you’re already counting on every little calorie intake. This is why, having eggs for breakfast is the best way to start your day. Here, we have one such delicious protein-rich option for your post-yoga food. 

This is a combination of eggs, oats, milk, salt, black pepper, and a little oil for frying the omelet And, that’s all it takes to make a scrumptious meal. It is ideally served with seasonal vegetables, which are sauteed in some olive oil.  

 Spinach and Corn Sandwiches with Dip Sauce

You can have many delicious sandwiches when you’re on a diet. But nothing beats the taste of corn and spinach mixed together. It is a protein-rich sandwich that has a good content of protein, carbs, and everything else. 

In fact, if you’re too lethargic to make yourself one after the yoga sessions, simply order one from gintaa food. It is a very healthy dish that consists of all the food groups which makes it one of the best items for consumption. 

Sprout Salad and Dosa 

It is a great way to have something tasty for your breakfast. That’s why you should have a good bowl of sprout salad with the rest of your breakfast. It helps you digest the food and that is a really good source of protein for vegetarian people.  

And, to be honest there is nothing better than South Indian breakfast. It is one of the healthiest things to have for breakfast. As a matter of fact, if you’re ordering food post-yoga, you can always opt for Dosa. It is a great choice and one can easily consume that after a hardy yoga session. 

Roasted Chicken, Quinoa and Veggies

Did we mention too many vegetarian options already? Don’t you worry our Non-Vegetarian folks! We have got delectable non-vegetarian dishes with a good section of all kinds of stables. Be it protein, carbs, or any other multivitamin.

Chicken is love! And, roasted chicken is even better. A deliciously marinated chicken, flavored with authentic spices. Nothing beats the taste of it! Guess what? You can have it right after your yoga session. It is nutritious as well as tasteful for eaters. 

Paneer Tikka and Gluten Free Parantha

Yoga calls for something that is not just rich in terms of nutritional value but also works as a great food for post-yoga sessions. So just make sure, you have this amazing dish whenever you feel like it. We know it’s not that easy to make though. 

First, you have to marinate the paneer property with curd, spices, and kasuri methi or coriander leaves. Once that is marinated for like a couple of hours, simply fry it in a pan with a little oil. Well, order your gluten free parathas and paneer tikka from gintaa food. A delectable recommendation for the International Yoga Day. 

::Bonus Bonanza::

Dal Chawal with a Bowl of Green Salad

Nothing beats the original taste of good old dal chawal. It is one of the most popular dishes in India and it is known as everyone’s comfort food. A plate of dal chawal is the most fulfilling thing ever. It is more like an emotion than anything else! 

Having this for your post-workout meal on International Yoga Day can’t ever go wrong. The unique taste of dal chawal is perfect and it is one of the best things too. Can’t cook it yourself? Why worrying? Have the taste of homemade dal chawal by simply ordering it from gintaa food. 

Egg Bhurji and Chapatti a Perfect Protein Home

You can’t have enough eggs after a good yoga session. In fact, that is one of the many perks of having food like this. Egg bhurji is not staple you have on a daily basis, this certainly is a dish that one can consider eating if they are opting for a slightly different diet altogether. 

It is extremely delicious and well spiced with tomatoes, spices and a blend of good technique. With the right method, you can have the best post-yoga meal with egg bhurji and chapattis. Although, this is not the easiest thing to make but you can still order egg bhurji from gintaa food after yoga. 

International Yoga Day and The Best Food!

You can always have your favorite dish during the rest of the day. But right after workout of yoga, you need something big and hearty.That’s why, it is a great choice to do Yoga during the moring. Making breakfast fulfilling and scrumptious. 

Besides this you can always have what you want simply by ordering it from gintaa food. It is about the little things which makes a difference for your health. And, it is also about ordering your favorite food post yoga. 

So, on this International Yoga Day order from gintaa food!