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Best Friends Day: 7 Inseparable Food Combinations You Must Try

“Aapni toh yaari atrangi hai re…”

Best friends always stick with you through thick and thin. They are always by your side when you are happy and especially when you are sad. Best friends never leave you alone. They never pull you down even when they pull your leg for fun. They are always there even when you do not need them or try to push them away.

You might fight with them at times, whine when they hang out with other friends but you can be rest assured that they will be there when you need the comfort of a friend. The same thing is true for food as well. There are some food items that can be consumed by itself but still we need to pair them up with another food item because they just go well together and taste even better. They are best friends in the food world and this best friend day let’s celebrate this inseparable food combination.

For example: French fries are fine when eaten just like that but when we dip them in tomato ketchup they simply taste wow. Similarly rajma can be eaten with naan or roti but pairing rajma with chawal is an emotion for North Indians.

Food Who Are Best Friends

Peanut Butter and Jelly

You have surely heard of PB & J sandwiches? They are quite famous among kids in the US but it has gained popularity in India as well. The crunchiness of the peanut butter and the sweetness of the jelly just go extremely well together thus, making them best friends. They balance out each other’s flavors and make a burst of flavors in your mouth when you take a bite of it. They are extremely easy to assemble and make for a simple breakfast on the go.

Idlli Sambar (& sometimes chutney too)

Steamy hot idlli is best friends with the tangy and savory sambar but they are a group of three as chutney also joins them. They are the trio best friends and even though the relationship of chutney and sambar are a bit hot and cold they do coexist in peace and we just cannot imagine them without each other. Mr. Vada also joins the group at times because of his friendship with sambar. You can easily order this combo from gintaa food at the best price.

Makki Ki Roti & Sarso Ka Saag

These best friends usually make an appearance during the winter but they are the best of friends and are inseparable. Their friendship is more like Sherlock and Dr. Watson. Makki Ki Roti is calm and earthy but Sarso Ka Saag is just the opposite with its robust burst of flavors. This is the main reason why they are such good friends. This best friends day let’s celebrate them though it may not be easily available in this scorching heat when we can still remember them.

Burger & Fries

We all know that fries are friends with ketchup but they are best friends with burgers. They taste extremely well when paired with burgers. The saucy and savory with the crunch of patty and lettuce blends perfectly with the bland taste of buns. And the fries at the side add the needed break from all those burst of flavors. But do not fall for their extremely good looks as they are addictive. But this best friends day celebrate with them and order them at the lowest princess from gintaa food.

Fried Rice & Chilli Chicken

These Chinese best friends have seen a lot of up and down in their journey to conquer the world with their deliciousness. But finally they have become the most talked about combo everywhere around the world but mostly in India. Whenever we crave for chinese they are the first combo that comes to our mind even though we know there are many other combos out there but they just seem to make the most sense to our taste buds.

White Sauce Pasta & Garlic Bread

We know that there are many types of pasta available but white sauce pasta is the most popular one and it is preferred by most. It is true that white sauce pasta and garlic bread are the most unusual best friends but they do go well together however different their nature might be. Yes, it is true that garlic over powers pasta’s subtle flavor but when combined together they balance out really well.

Chole Bature

Another best friends from the North. They have never been separated. They are surely chuddy buddies and their bromance spices things up on your plate. Chole can be paired with other stuff but when paired with bature they are surely a match made in heaven well we can also say best friends from Punjab.

Let’s Wrap Up

Best friends add little spice to your normal life with their antiques and though you might want to kill them at that point of time but you still stick by their side and support them. They are like siblings you choose and just cannot get rid of as you cannot imagine a life without them. Well, after all the food best friends that we have discussed above you might wonder what about dessert don’t they have best friends. Well, they do but many of you might not agree with it. For example: Malpua and Rabri are best friends but not for everyone. Malpua was doing hula hoops when Rabri spotted her and together they created magic for all those who have an extremely sweet tooth.

So, this national best friends day make it a point to call your best best friend and wish them or just surprise them with their favorite food best friend ordered from gintaa food.