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gintaa x Third Party Delivery: Connecting App To Users

Are you craving for something savory in the middle of the night while you are binge watching your favorite show? What would you do? Make something and get caught snooping in your mother’s kitchen or simply order something online? Well, we are sure you would go with the second option as that is the easier option as well as safer. This is the reason why online food delivery apps have gained so much traction in recent years.

The online food delivery became a more popular option during the pandemic when getting out of the house was forbidden. This is also the time when third party delivery apps gained their popularity. The restaurants who were not registered on online food delivery sites could not keep up with their order flow and delivery. That is when they took the help of third party delivery partners.

Even online food delivery apps integrated with third party delivery services to keep up with the ever increasing order flow. gintaa started its venture by intriguing with third party delivery services from the very beginning. gintaa provides their users with two options take away or home delivery. But for the restaurants registered with them also get two options that is their own delivery partner or a third party delivery partner assigned by gintaa.

Who Are The Third Party Delivery Partners of gintaa?

gintaa is integrated with two third party delivery partners. They are:


It is a third party delivery partner that helps the restaurant with order delivery. They pick up the order from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer’s location. gintaa integrated with Dunzo at the start of their business.But they faced a challenge that is Dunzo was not deliverable to all areas in the city which lead them to intrigue with another third party delivery service.


This third party delivery service was integrated with gintaa recently to solve the problem faced with Dunzo. ShadowFax delivers to every part of the city which became a positive aspect of the integration. Now the restaurants that did not register with gintaa because of this hiccup readily registered as now they could easily deliver to all their customers.

Many of you might ask why third party delivery services when most of the restaurants these days have their own delivery option.

Why Are Third Party Delivery Services Needed?

Reaching customers easily

There is no doubt that the competition is stiff and the time of delivery matters; this is why you need third party delivery services for online food delivery. This helps you to expand your reach and target a larger customer base. They help you to deliver in time and to a larger customer pool where your own delivery person cannot reach.

Helps you to focus on business

When restaurant owners register to online food delivery apps they do it so that they do not have to focus on just building a clientele. Again, the restaurant owners opt for third party delivery services as most of them do not have time to hire and train delivery persons. This is why they prefer third party delivery services so that they could focus on the other aspects of the business rather than on delivery issues.

Saves money

The restaurants do not have to work on their own ecommerce platform when they are registered with online food delivery apps like gintaa. This helps them save a lot of money. Again, when these restaurants are integrated with third party delivery services they do not have to invest resources on hiring delivery partners. This also helps them save enough which they can invest in their business.

Easily manages increased order flow

With everyone preferring to order-in with the help of online food delivery apps, this increases the order flow at the restaurants at a time and managing that with the orders from the dine-in customers is very difficult. This is when the third party delivery services are very helpful. They help you in delivering the orders on time to each of their customers. gintaa is integrated with two delivery partners that help them to cover all of the city and delivery a large number of customers.

To Conclude…

Today diners not only want dine-in options but also take out and delivery options. The message is very clear that they want their favorite restaurants to deliver at home and that too in time. This is where third party delivery comes into play.

gintaa, an online food delivery app that has many popular restaurants registered under them. When their customers order from them through gintaa, they take the help of Dunzo or ShadowFax to get the food delivered to their customers. Dunzo and ShadowFax both are integrated with gintaa so that the delivery process is easier and in a timely manner.