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Online Shopping Is Now Easier with gintaa – Bargain to Gain!

In the current scenario, online shopping has become more like a daily activity. Despite of having many flaws, the purchasing of clothes from an e-commerce based website is extremely popular. And the online e-commerce platform for shopping has developed a place which it has deserved and we cannot deny giving it to it.

Bargain Online and Save Money

But in India, we love to BARGAIN! Don’t we? A lot of people love to shop from the local markets so that they can show their bargaining skills at stores. In summer, online shopping becomes more convenient than standing in long queues in the sun. 

But……… What if we tell you that now you can bargain online? YES.. You Can.. From apparel, shoes, bags, home décor, gadgets to books, you get everything in one place.. And the Name is gintaa. It is not just another e-commerce site for you. But it is a blessing for you!! If you want to buy clothes online at an affordable rate, you are just one click away. And….. gintaa allows you to bargain online with the seller and you get your favorite products at the price you want!

Are You Addicted to Online Shopping?

Basically, the most vital advantage of online shopping from e-commerce sites is that one can purchase products no matter what time of the day it is. Yes, it is true and you read it right. And one might lead a hectic life with a hectic schedule. So, they might not have the time for shopping at the malls or the retailers. In fact, for you people out there, online shopping is the place for you. You can surf a website at the midnight hour and can also order for your desired clothes.

One can come across an array of products with a wide range of varieties and colors. This will help you to choose one according to your likes from e-commerce websites. Along with the advent of millions of fashion websites, you not only get infinite choices of clothes. But also you get uncountable choices of accessories matching or contrasting to your choice of clothes. And the world of online shopping for clothes, shoes, books, bags, gadgets and more is extremely diverse which goes beyond the boundaries or the limits of the countries.

Why gintaa?

Gintaa, a brand of Ascon Softech India Pvt Ltd is an Indian e-commerce company, based in Kolkata, India. It was founded in October 2021 by Laxman Jaiswal. gintaa, India’s 1st 3-in-1 platform where you can Buy, Sell, & Exchange in cash or gintaa coins. You can easily explore to choose your favorite product and negotiate online directly with the seller to get the product at your price. With no investment and no hidden costs, you can sell anything here. You can give yourself a next-level shopping experience with gintaa! Whether you wish to buy clothes online or furniture for your home, gintaa has everything for you.

gintaa is not just another new eCommerce platform in the online marketplace, but they are an enabler platform for buyers and sellers to find each other and benefit mutually.

gintaa is a platform that has prepared itself to fulfill almost all big and small ask of the people, benefiting mutually. In this day and age, gintaa users as businesses can list their products to sell seamlessly, individuals can shop by bargaining online, and people can engage in exciting exchange offers – almost everything under one umbrella!


You need an upgrade of a product for better quality but are willing to get it at a lesser price, or maybe you are okay with the idea of using an already used product. Look no further, and download the most appropriate platform– gintaa. From household products to fashion wear, from gadgets to miscellaneous kinds of stuff, kitchen appliances to books, you name it and gintaa is ready to offer you.

Ranging from the trendiest new products making waves to refurbished and used products, you can buy anything and everything! Also, you can either lock the deal at the given price or be free to negotiate and present an offer.

How to Buy Products at gintaa for online shopping?

gintaa is a treasure trove of the latest, unique, and trendiest collections! With prices better than market and products better than any other platform, you also get to negotiate directly with the seller like a pro!! It gives its users a chance to bargain online and get their favorite products at their preferred price.

·        Search or browse product through the given categories

·         Negotiate, revise, and make an offer to the seller

·         Share your shipping details or contact number with the seller

·         Close the offer after you receive the product

The best part of using this online platform (gintaa) is that it gives an opportunity to buy and save from online shopping. From a wide range of deals and discounts to negotiate online, you get everything under one umbrella. And not only for the shoppers, but gintaa is a blessing for the sellers as well. One can easily sell their stuff without paying a single penny. You can easily sell clothes, bags, shoes, toys, books online.

gintaa was started with an aim to help local people to find products at an affordable rate. But it is now considered an authority for anyone looking to find the best deals and offers across a wide range of products online. And hundreds of discounted items are shared daily by the thousands of bargain hunting members from all over the world!

We Save You Money With Online Shopping

Bringing you the best bargains on everything a shopper needs – from toys and clothes, to home décor, and jewellery items, gadgets to bags, gintaa got your back. You don’t have to go out to the sales; we bring the best deals and offers on your favorite products – so you’ll never miss an offer!

So, next time, you think of Shopping, think of gintaa!! See You There!!

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