holi skin care tips

Hair and Skin Care Tips for Post-Holi Celebrations

Holi is a jubilant celebration of colors. The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil. We paint the sky and each other’s faces with gulal creating an environment of love, friendship and affection. Amidst the celebration and while painting each other’s faces with bright hues it is very important to remember that these beautiful colors have harmful effects on skin and hair. Knowing the best hair and skin care tips would be extremely helpful.

These colors are made of harmful chemicals like copper sulfate, lead oxide, and mercury sulfate that can cause discomfort and irritation to the hair, skin and eyes. Allergies, dryness and redness are the common side effects. Though organic colors are available these days that reduces these problems but still it causes dryness and flakiness for many people.

If you are thinking that buying organic colors might put dent in your pocket then you can shop from gintaa as they have the best prices online. But even if you are opting for organic colors this year it is very important to take precautions.

These post holi hair and skin care tips will shield you from harm:

After being drenched in holi colors it is very important to pamper and rehydrate your skin. Post holi skin care protects your skin from breakouts.

Use mild face wash and shampoo

Whenever we talk about skin and hair care tips it is important to remember that using mild face wash and shampoo to wash your face and hair helps prevent further harm. It is always suggested to use natural or sulphate free products as they contain AHAs that gently cleans your skin and hair without stripping it of its natural oils.

Use lukewarm water to bathe

Another important point in skin and hair care tips is using lukewarm water to bathe. It is ideal to avoid hot water as it irritates the skin as well as solidifies the colors making it even more difficult to remove. During post holi skin care it is recommended to use lukewarm water or cold water as it easily removes colors from skin and hair.

Use mild body scrubs

Using mild body scrubs are also an important point in skin and hair care tips list. Plant based body scrubs help to exfoliate your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. It helps to rehydrate skin and reduce skin irritation that is caused by holi colors. Opting for natural products is the best way to prioritize post holi skin care.

Moisturize your skin

Moisturization is the most important step in hair and skin care tips. After taking a refreshing shower it is important that you moisturize thoroughly. Using a hydrating moisturizer is the best way to get that supple skin. Using a moisturizer with shea butter soothes irritated skin and conditions it deeply that results in healthier skin.

Scalp oiling

Many think that oiling your scalp is not important. It is very important, rather it is among the most important skin and hair care tips. After holi it is very important that you give your scalp an oil massage for at least a week followed by mild shampoo the next day. This helps your scalp to hydrate or it would become dry, flaky and itchy. This is an effective post holi skin care treatment for your scalp.

Use hair mask

After holi it is natural your hair becomes dry as the colors rips your hair of its natural moisture thus adding the use of homemade hair pack in your skin and hair care tip is essential.

Hair pack recipe

  • Take a cup of milk and add a spoon of honey
  • Mix it and apply it from root to tips.
  • Let it sit for 1 hour and rinse it with shampoo and lukewarm water.

Using face mask

After getting drenched in colors it is necessary to let your skin heal from all the damage colors cause and this is why we are adding a hydrating face mask as a part of skin and hair care tips. You can always opt for natural face masks made at home or you can also use any of the natural plant based hydrating face masks available in the market. But it is important that you use a hydrating face mask so that it helps your skin to recover.

Did you know that rubbing banana peel on your skin helps to get rid of holi colors?

Comb your hair before wash

First and foremost post holi skin care and hair care tip is to comb your hair before you wash it as that would  remove the excess of dry color from your hair and scalp. Make sure that you use this skin and hair care tip only when your hair is completely dry as wet hair is prone to breakage. Also make it a point to use a wide toothed comb.

Refrain from coloring your hair

If you love coloring your hair and you switch between colors frequently then this skin and hair care tip is very essential for you. After holi you should refrain from coloring your hair as hair dyes are made of ammonia and other chemicals which will damage your hair further mainly if you go for hair dye right after holi.

But if chemical free and ammonia free dyes are available in your area you can go for them as they will not cause as much damage as the chemical ones.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Holi is indeed a celebration of colors and a showcase of love and affection but amidst all the fun you should not forget that these colors do have harmful effects on your skin and this is why it is important to follow the above mentioned skin and hair care tips.

Post holi skin care routines will help your skin to recover from the damage and make it healthy in the process. Anyone can argue that they are opting for natural colors from sites like gintaa but you should know that colors organic or not dries out your skin and makes it flaky. This is the main reason you should indulge in post holi skin care without fail.