How can gintaa Food help Improve Restaurants Sale?
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How can gintaa Food help Improve Restaurant Sales?

Are you a restaurant owner? If you started your business recently or have you been in the business for a while now; the biggest trouble is with getting more orders. And, as a restaurant owner, you would want to improve your order numbers.

Guess what? You’re just at the right place at the right time. Here at gintaa food, you would get the best ground for your restaurant business. Then how can we grow our business with gintaa’s online Food ordering app?

As a restaurant owner, the biggest trouble lies with gathering more orders. When you’re in the food business, the question is, ‘How to grow your business even further?’ When it comes to ordering food, mobile apps are certainly the solution. This has nothing to do with the app but how exactly it has become a part of life.

But gintaa Food, is the ultimate savior when it comes to restaurant owners. Starting with an algorithm that helps restaurants gain popularity to get the most customers. Here, is how gintaa Food helps restaurant owners get better sales.

1. Generates Better Customer Reach

If you’re struggling with your restaurant’s reach then gintaa Food will be a great help. This is something one might experience with their business. Most businesses have this experience with their business and that needs to be worked with by hook or by crook.

Your mortel business system would include multiple means of generating a better customer reach but gintaa food has the most organic method. Here, the customers are inclined toward your business without charging any extra commission charges to the business. Ideally, most businesses tend to charge extra commission charges from restaurants.

But gintaa food has zero onboarding charges from restaurants. On the contrary, they help restaurants promote and advise on their apps, building a proper customer reach simultaneously.

2. Helps Restaurants Organize their Food Menus

When a restaurant works with gintaa food, they have the place to improve the categorization of their food menu. Ideally, most restaurants do have a unique category and cuisine page which would help customers make an informed decision about what they want to buy and what they would prefer to order from the restaurant itself.

On the other hand, new restaurant owners or amateur cloud kitchens do not have any organized food menus. Working with gintaa food, helps them organize and help these restaurants. With that, even unpopular restaurants have a user-friendly ordering menu, and that is ultimately the key to having a better user experience.

3. Getting More and More Orders

All the above factors are responsible for maintaining an ideal user algorithm. Some way or another, a restaurant gets more orders with an online user presence. On the other hand, this is not the case for most businesses. Here, working gintaa food is a positive change for the number of orders.

When you’re working with gintaa food, there are countless times when you get a flood of orders. And, that is certainly a positive change for improving the growth and profitability of your restaurant business. A higher number of orders is equivalent to a better business experience and revenue, too.

4. Better Revenue for Your Business

Although there are countless ways of generating revenue in a business, with a restaurant business there is only one. The more orders a restaurant has, the more revenue it will generate. While gintaa food uniquely helps your business. Not just with your order numbers but also with the charges it takes.

They have a negligible amount of charges for gathering orders on the gintaa food app. This is not the case for most other food apps in India. Ideally, a restaurant would charge between 30-40% per order. That is not at all the case when you’re working with gintaa food.

5. Lower Commission Charges Per Order

Although a restaurant doesn’t use any app that charges them unfairly, they do register for a certain amount when a certain number of orders are promised. But that is different with gintaa food. At the same time, most apps take at least 30-40% per order.

gintaa Food takes a flat 20 INR for every order a restaurant makes. That is less than 10-15% at times. You will have such a low price for your order that you will get more revenue from the business. Likewise, restaurants retain the most per order with gintaa food.

6. Super-Fast Credit Payout

This is one of the best things about working with gintaa food. Most food apps take about a week or a month to pay restaurants. On the other hand, gintaa food has a super fast credit payout system.

Here, you would be getting paid in less than 72 hours from the time of order completion. That is definitely one of the perks of working with gintaa food!

7. Self-Pickup and Takeaway

As a restaurant owner, you would be getting additional benefits from gintaa food! Customers do find the option of self-pickup and takeout convenient. Yes, customers can come to the restaurant and pick up their ordered food.

That way, the restaurant is not liable for delivering it to the customers. Here, you get the ultimate perk of zero delivery responsibility. That is one of the main reasons why you should sign up with gintaa!

Sign up with gintaa Food today!

If you’re new in the food industry, then gintaa food is all that you have to trust. Your all-time place for building an empire in the food world. Although you will have offline orders, gintaa food helps you connect with the locals too.

You will have the opportunity to improve your business without even worrying about the extra charges that are taken by most other apps. Here, you have the autonomy to make your orders, and that is certainly a great help for your business too.

Grow your business with gintaa’s online food ordering app today! What to do? Simply sign up your restaurant with us, and we will list all your delicacies and food categories. Fill in all the details associated with your business with us, and that is everything that we need to know. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up with gintaa today and get more orders for your business.

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