Top 7 online marketplace in India

Top 7 Online Marketplaces in India in 2023

When was the last time you visited a retail shop to buy a pair of shoes, a shirt, or a bedsheet? Well, that is exactly why this eCommerce is in the top 7 online marketplaces in India’s list and is flourishing.

Though, India seems to have a small marketplace for eCommerce but yet, have changed consumers’ life overnight, meeting the acute urgency of demands in no time. True that!

On the contrary, excited and required to make a hit name in the online marketplace list, retail marketers spared no efforts in revamping their e-commerce strategies. As a result, these eCommerce businesses not only captured a giant part of the retail market sector but have also taken a drastic shift towards online marketing!

Now you are like, is that even doing any good to the market and the economy? A big YES!! Duh!!

So why do you think they are all up for this game?

Along with growing their reach and solidifying their presence in the market, a few top online marketplaces in India’s growing online cater to the huge demand-supply gap prevailing in the market. Backing this, the favorable Indian demographic having a younger skew will push economic growth for decades to come.

You can find a list of marketplaces in India that not only narrows the gap but also sets the pace for coming industry peers. Presenting you here the top 7 online marketplace in India in 2023 which acts like micro and macro-fulfillment centers. This marketplace list in India not only provides a valuable platform for buyers and sellers but also is user-friendly. 

Amazon- the best online marketplace to sell a company product in India

Who doesn’t know what Amazon is?  India’s largest online marketplace– ranging from fashion to furniture, bill payments to groceries, you can cover yourself and your home entirely. No, Seriously! Having a platform business model, amazon serves as one of the best online B2B marketplace in India and gives really tough competition to the biggies like Flipkart, Snapdeal and others. Like really tough!

Not just that, it is also one of the best online marketplace for sellers in India. Because of this reason, it fuels the productivity across the company by 30-40% and it is trusted by around 76% of the buyers in India. Amazing, No? Multiple gateway options, multiple shipping, amazing customer service, and of course the extensive categories, is what this amazon is known for.


Would you even believe that Flipkart started as an online book-selling platform? Really? But with time, it grew bigger and better and now it is well known for its variety of products being sold at feasible prices. Not just amazon but Flipkart left no stone unturned in being one of the best online marketplaces to sell a company product in India. 

Unbelievable discounts, multiple payment options, 80 million products across 80 above categories, and a footfall of 230.5 million a month – something very commendable for a B2C business model company. Additionally, it also offers easy pick-ups and instantly connects billions of customers to sellers. That’s enough, Isn’t it?


Now, this is something very UNIQUE!! gintaa is one of the best online marketplaces in India in 2023– a new kind of store! gintaa is based on the pristine Indian value of GIVE & TAKE, known for the social e-Commerce platform for buying, selling and something very special- exchanging! But that’s not it!! You can consider gintaa as a platform for: everything you need under one roof. Users can now sell, negotiate, buy, or exchange their products in cash and in a digital currency known as gintaa coins. Explore various products ranging from Sarees, Toys, Books, Fashion Apparel, Electronics, Furniture, etc.

Along with that, you can now order food with the lowest menu price available online. gintaa Food offers an online food ordering platform connecting urban foodies with existing neighborhood partner restaurants, who are best in their own way, benefitting both. For food lovers, this platform is the perfect way to discover new restaurants and different cuisines while also getting the best value for their money. gintaa Food is looking forward to capturing the food industry in terms of the customer impact metric. It enables users to place one-serve orders without incurring any additional charges. So next time you are tired of shopping from gintaa, order from restaurants serving 30+ cuisines near you, from gintaa food. Okay, now you got to go and download gintaa to explore more!

Myntra- a third-largest online marketplace in India

On the next level down, there is Myntra- a platform creating fashion buzz! Luxury clothing, classic accessories, quality makeup, footwear, you name it and Myntra has it (the reason why we have this name among the top marketplaces in India.) Opened in 2007, Myntra now has almost 44.3 million visitors per month. 

Nothing can beat Myntra for its exclusive feature of “try and buy”, where customers can place orders multiple times and get to pay only once. Can you imagine? Also, not to forget about its loyalty program called “myntra insider, giving you fashion advice, and early access to product launches. Okay, that calls for a shopping trip!


Next to this comes, an eCommerce business which is an online lifestyle shopping destination of Indian demography. All that Snapdeal wishes to render is reliable and value-for-money shopping. This is why Snapdeal has more than 1 million users and 3,00,000 plus sellers. 

Most eCommerce marketplace in India works either on one business model or two or maybe a mixture of more. What remains most common and highly adapted is the omnichannel model– consistent yet personal, and easy-going. Snapdeal exactly works on the same! Try your hands out on Snapdeal and help yourself!


Cannot afford to miss talking about Meesho! Although a newbie, Meesho gained a lot of name and fame in recent times. Meesho boasts as a social commerce platform, is coming into the limelight for allowing anyone to start a business with almost zero investment. Unbelievable!! I know right?! Whatsapp business catalog, sharing catalog through other social media platforms, earning commission and bonuses, through selling your product and service through the platform. 

Something is even more praiseworthy– Meesho solely constitutes women- whether you, as a woman are an entrepreneur, teacher, housewife, shop owner, or college student, this will help you earn through the commission on every order you share with your friends, family, or someone you know. #womenempowerment


This is another big shot, adding muscles to the online b2b marketplace in India. Established in 2011, this multi-vendor marketplace stands out as a blessing for almost all local and regional brands. Shopclues has been on the list for the impeccable service of bulk selling to over 6 lakh merchants. Starting from kitchen appliances to mobiles and electronics, Shopclues has dealt in 28 million products and above. 

Around 22 million unique visitors engage in a month. I mean why not? Having a customer-centric approach, the best technology, robust fulfillment processes, and at the end serving up with the best customer service– giving unmatched online eCommerce experience. 

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If you think we have missed out on any in counting the top 7 online marketplaces in India in 2023 that are according to you and are a must in the marketplace list of e-commerce, then let us know in the comment section below! Toodles!

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