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Naan Stop Flavors: Best North Indian Restaurants To Order From On gintaa food

You can’t have enough of your favorite food! Especially if that is something that you know suits your favorite list. Be it Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Lachaa Parantha, Biryani, or any other delicious meal of your choice. 

Once in a while, you have to find the right place to have your favorite food. You should eat your favorite cuisine and that is everything. Best offers on all categories and the top restaurants serving the most exclusive North Indian delicacies. 

To make your search a little less confusing and a little more about what you can order. Among the wide variety of of restaurants on gintaa food, we have enlisted the Best North Indian Restaurants on gintaa food

  • Arsalan: Best Biryani in Kolkata

If we’re talking about biryani, then Arsalan definitely has to be in the topmost tier. It is known for the best biryani in town and that says a lot about the place right? If you want to order the best biryani that has the taste of fresh clarified butter then Arsalan is the place for you. 

The best food always comes with the best discounts on gintaa food. Here, we have Arsalan as the best North Indian restaurant!  Serving you the best biryani and badami firni. Order your favorite North Indian biryani from Arsalan, which is available on gintaa food. 

  • Shiraz Golden Restaurant: Park Street

On gintaa food, the Park Street branch of Shiraz Golden Restaurant is listed. To make things even better, you can literally order almost anything from their online itinerary. Starting with the most unique North Indian foods to the best Muglai cuisine. 

In fact, this is one of the best North Indian Restaurants in Kolkata. You can find the best shahi thudka and firni from this North Indian restaurant. Ideal for a family occasion or a big gala dinner party. Order their exquisite delicacies from gintaa food. 

  • Shimla Biryani: VIP Nagar

Like any other North Indian restaurant, Shimla Biryani is one of the best places to order your favorite Mutton Biryani with a big piece of potato and egg. You can find the finest biryani and chicken chap along the side. 

All you really have to do is, open the gintaa food app and order from their finest menu. Just make sure, you know what to order. In the case of Shimla Biryani, bbis known as one of the best North Indian restaurants. So, you should order accordingly. 

  • Sanjha Chulha: Beniapukur

Want to try authentic North Indian food? Well, Sanjha Chulha is just the name you’re looking for. This particular North Indian restaurant is known for the best butter naan, chicken butter masala, chicken bharta, paneer butter masala, and the best of Rajasthani cuisine too. 

A place where you can order naans and other delicious delicacies at the convenience of their fingertips. This is the best part about ordering food online, you can view their food reviews before placing your own food order. 

  • Anir’s Restaurant and Caterer: Baghbazar

There are countless good North Indian restaurants in Kolkata, but Anir’s food quality is something beyond words. In fact, this has been known for their top-notch North Indian food which makes this a perfect place for ordering. 

If you’re Baghbazar and you feel like ordering North Indian food, then Anir’s Restaurant should be the first name on your list. And, the best part about ordering from this place is, that you get a whopping 50% off from gintaa food. 

  • Ghar ka Khana: Salkia, Howrah

The name itself shows the love for homemade food. It’s something you can’t ever find somewhere else and that definitely makes ‘Ghat ka khana’ so special. If it’s about finding good North Indian restaurants then this is the place you should try out from Salkia, Howrah. 

Besides this, you can order homely rotis, dal makhani, or even some exotic North Indian food at your convenience. Ordering from ‘Ghar ka Khana’ would suffice your need to have a fine dining experience at home. So, make sure you try it the next time you’re near Salkia, Howrah. 

  • Hanglaatherium: Newtown

Trying new restaurants has always been a great thing and you can choose a wide range of restaurants when you’re in Newtown. A place where there are options for a variety of different types of cuisines.  

Here, at Hanglaatherium you can find the best of North Indian delights which is not just tasty but quite affordable too. Just make sure, you order your food beforehand. This is one of the top-rated North Indian restaurants in Kolkata. 

  • Satvik Box: Kestopur

Looking for a place that would serve you healthy and hygienic food even on the fasting days? Well, you should be ordering from Satvik Box. The best part about Satvik Box is that you can get onion and garlic-free food too. 

Which becomes a necessity on some days! A place that is suitable for most perfect North Indian food like healthy thalis and proper combos with amazing dishes. Give a shot at this North Indian restaurant and enjoy their healthy delectables. 

  • Nyra’s Kitchen: Kankurgachi

North Indian food at the best possible prices. That is certainly the case with Nyra’s Kitchen! You would find the best of Indian breads at a really affordable price. Starting with stuffed paranthas, phulkas, rotis, and many other scrumptious breads to serve along with your favorite side dish.  

Looking for something that fulfills your carb needs? Well, they also have the best rice dishes, including Pulao, Basanti Pulao, Basmati rice, and many delectable delicacies. Pair this amazing dish with any of the side dishes you prefer to eat. 

  • Rajputana Darbar: Newtown 

When you’re looking for good food from North India, then there has to be a special place for Rajasthani and Marwari cuisine. Just order your favorite delicacies a the prices which find you the best. 

At Rajputana Darbar, you can find really delicious items like Dal Bati Choorma, or even other delectable North Indian dishes from Rajasthan. Craving Marwari food, order from gintaa food and enjoy your special meal. 

Naan or Laccha Parantha! Order from gintaa food

There are countless really affordable and budget-friendly restaurants in your area. With gintaa food, you can actually order from those locally. Here, we have aimed to cater to the best of local delights. 

In fact, if not North Indian food but something else. You can actually find those at gintaa food! So the next time you feel like ordering, open the gintaa food app and order from the top-rated restaurants in your area. 

Happy Eating!